Striped denied service

Stripe cancelled my account because my business is considered high risk of cancellations/refunds.

Have you been denied of service by Stripe? if so, how did you get it back?
if it didn’t work, what payment gateway did you use instead? thanks is very unrestricted.

Stripe cancels for hire risk industry is very hard to reverse unless you’ve already processed a ton of payments with no issues

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Thanks. I will implement it. I am pretty pissed with Stripe for denying service to an education site. I don’t understand why everybody reveres Stripe. Maybe because Bubble made it easy to use it (via partnership?)

I prefer stripe for connect features and support, just don’t get on their bad side with chargebacks and call them when you expect an influx of orders and you’re good to go😂

After processing over $500k I will tell you contrary to what many people think your payment processor isn’t just an api or service you use, if you work with them more as a partner you tend to win more chargebacks because they will vouche for you with the banks, end up with less restrictions, lower chance of funds being held, they are more inclined to lower your rate against their standard, and other benefits.

That’s odd they flagged you for education services, I’d recommend removing any potential get rich quick scheme verbiage, appeal, then fix your pages back to normal.

I’d 100% recommend keep at least 1 additional processor account on deck incase your original gets restricted. We’ve had to switch to our secondary stripe account api keys to avoid downtime in processing when we got an account put on hold for suspicious activity when we had order influx.

good points, I will cool down and approach them as partner. Good thinking also to have a stripe account B ready just in case.

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