Structural Changes to App - Pro Plan or copy existing site?


I need to make some fairly structural changes to my app which will likely take a couple of weeks. I will probably need to make some minor tweaks to the live version during that time so would prefer not to just make the structural changes in the development app.

How have other people approached this?

I’m currently on the personal plan, but I see with the Pro plan you get an extra development space? Perhaps this could work…Or could you just copy the app and make the changes in a new project?

The only problem with that would be that the live data will have changed over the few weeks where I’m making the structural changes.

Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Alex… did you ever get feedback on this question? I’m wondering the same thing. Thanks!

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Hi @mjbowe, afraid I didn’t find a great solution.

Just had to suck it up and not deploy any changes until I was happy with the new version of the app.