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Hi there,

Looking to see if anyone can share how they’ve approached building a simple blog for their web app and can share how they got there?

What am I trying to build: A blog landing page listing all the blog posts I put up and then allow users to click the titles of each blog post to direct the user to the full blog post article on a page.

What have I done so far: I’ve built the blog landing page which uses a Repeating Group to pull through the data as a list. Works fine. Now struggling to get the individual blog page to pull through the data to show one full blog article.


  1. For individual full blog page article, how can I get the repeating group to pull through the data of only one specific article at a time.
  2. Once the above is settled, how can I get the blog titles in the blog landing page to redirect to it’s full blog page article page

Ultimately trying to avoid having to build each new individual blog page manually and directly insert the content, if possible.

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

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@tyefriday welcome to the community!

  1. Yes
  2. Use two pages. One page to have the table of data so that you click one row and that sends you to a second page where you built the UI to show all the row details. So … to have a list of articles and the other one to dynamically show the chosen blog article,

I suggest to build the learning app that Bubble has videos on, so that you can learn the necessary concepts to make the above happen in your project. The good thing is that these are short and straightforward videos :grinning:

After you have gone through the above videos, then watch this one which should complement them. Just replace the details about a “row” being displayed on the same page, with navigating to another page to show those “row” details there (which is the UX that you want your users too have in your app):

Hello cmarchan , and thank you for a quick response. I’ll walk through this information and see how it goes. Much appreciated.

@cmarchan This worked! Thank you so much!

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