Structuring DB for three 15 questions (multiple questions) surveys

Hei guys I need your help

I need to structure three different surveys that have each 15 questions. Such questions will have boolean answers, individual answers or multiple choice ones (patients will answers)

My objective is to show to a doctor the questions and the answers of the patients. I m having some trouble to think about a solution to it. Do you have some input or some already strucutered strategies?


Hi Gianluca,

I think that you are italian as me, but i will keep english as language.
If u want to make a call about this, i think we can make better brainstorming in live mode.

But, if we want to remain here, i need to answer you few things:

The questions are also fixed, or you need a structure where they could be different?
I’m asking you this because i think it will be better to have a flexible structure, in order to expand the number of surveys in the future.

This way u can make a DB “Survey_Answers” with
User (the patient)
Q1 (text)
A1 (text)
and so on, with as many fields as the max number of questions

if u just need to show this data and do nothing with them, all the answer can be a text, and in the frontend u could use option sets for close answer.

This way you make a Template for the Survey, and use it with a Custom State.

Make a DB “Survey_Definition”, with
Possible A1 (here u would choose as field type the option sets you have created
and so on

This way you can dynamically populate the Survey fornt-end Template, and with the SAVE Button (at the end of the Survey) u can save them in the “Survey_Answers” DB

This way you can define the Surveys in the “Survey_Definition” DB, and read all the answer in the “Survey_Answers” DB, using just one Template for the front-End with a Repeating Group who catch the data thanks to the Custom State (i could imagine that the button for the right survey change this custom state).

Hope i helped you !