Struggling to get search results page to include all text fields

I’ve added a search field (using an input element) that directs the user to a page once they’ve added a search query to the input and hit enter on their keyboard.

On the search page, I’ve figured out how to only show the entries that match the corresponding query value in a repeating group. However, not all of the possible entries are showing up in the results. The constraint I used is “any field contains” but the “Tag” (categories) value for example is not included in the results. The categories field in the database is a list of text items. Is it not possible to include search results from a list of items?? If it possible how do I set up the repeating group to include results that have searched the category items as well as the other fields?

See screenshot below of the repeating group setup. You can see the live app and search page here: sale Emails on Trigger