Struggling with JSON Web Tokens authentication

Hi everyone,

I´m struggling to get some some API calls to work, using JWT. Here is the documentation from the service I want to connect (docs:jess:start []):

# JESS Web Service API

*The JEplus Simulation Service (JESS) is an online server for running EnergyPlus and Radiance simulations on the ENSIMS’ hybrid-cloud. *

User Log-on operation:

User authentication and authorization is performed by JEA using the JSON Web Tokens (JWT) mechanism. If the client does not yet hold a valid JWT, the Log-on operation must be called to retrieve one. Without a valid JWT, all other transactions will be rejected with HTTP 401 Unauthorized error code.

So, I was able to authenticate succesfully , but the subsequent calls return HTTP 401 Unauthorized error code. It´s certainly related to the Token that was received on authentication call. Do I have to send the Token during each subsequent call? How can I accomplish that, if I can´t really see token content (it says the token was saved in a file called coookie).