Stuck - Ideas how to recreate Blind MVP (anon login)?

Hi there,

I’m trying to recreate Blind , a forum-type platform for verified professionals. The key feature I’m after is the Anonymous login - users create an Anon ID + password by verifying with their work email, which is then deleted to ensure absolutely no traceability.

Would anyone have ideas on how to set up something similar, specifically:

  1. Anon Login: so users can login without their email which would have been automatically or manually (MVP) deleted by us following verification.

  2. Company-specific groups: As opposed to Blind (which allows cross-company chat), we want that employees have company-specific chats/forums. ie. can only see the content related to the company they’ve been verified for.

Any other ideas on how this could be done besides Bubble it would be sincerely appreciated!

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