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Stuck on Bubble Zapier Integration

I’m setting up a Bubble-Zapier integration, but I’m stuck on what I should fill in here as the Bubble trigger:

I’m sending text messages in my workflow via the Blockspring API, and I have set up the Delay by Zapier response with ‘‘delay of 1 minute’’… the only thing that should be filled out is the Bubble action, however, I wouldnt know what to fill in there.

P.S. I posted a similar question before on a different thread, but it died off, so I’m hoping it could get a response to make it work this time.

there is an easier way to implement delays. Create a custom event with your blockspring workflow. Then schedule that custom workflow with a delay as shown on this screenshot


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I think we thought Zapier would be simpler, just because you can have multi step zaps to do this. So it just needs a single bubble action to trigger the zap.

But yes, you could also do it as delayed workflows. And it keeps it in the Bubble world.

Wasnt quite sure what the original issue was with that approach though.

and again it’s free, while running zaps can quickly get you to a paid plan on Zapier :slight_smile: not sure about the original issue either - there are a lot of parameters to check

The OP was trying to use the Zapier delay to delay the steps in the Bubble workflow, which wasn’t going to work.

Scheduled APIs were suggested as an alternative. But I can’t remember why that wasn’t possible.

But I am not here to argue about stuff, so I’m out.

Sorry Nigel didn’t mean to argue, apologies if it sounded that way

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Sorry, didn’t mean it that way. There are a couple of ways of doing this and have suggested both to the OP. Using scheduled APIs is certainly the main one, but us discussing the merits probably doesbt help that much, it is their call.