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Hi all. I’m curious on the workflow I need so I can set up a page where all logged in users profiles will be viewable to the public user all together.

So the idea here is an account holder logs into their account. they can edit all info which I have working fine and can save any changes made that’s all good. but… after saving all there info, I would like a way to be able to have their profile go live… for example…and show up on another page with all other uses choosing to go live, so the public user is able to scroll through everyone online.

any ideas?? is it possible ???

Yep! Definitely possible.

You’ll want to add a data field called “goLive?” on the User data type. Set it to yes/no with no being the default.

Then, when a user is ready to have their profile go live, make them click a button and then change that data field for the specific user: goLive? = yes

Now on the page that shows all users… have a repeating group that searches for all users, and add a constraint to only show users where goLive = yes.

Hope that helps!

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that helps heaps I’ve done everything you said but can’t find the data field input on button?? can you screenshot please. do I use a button or input?? to do this, everything else has been set up as you have instructed.

Thank you

Do you mind elaborating?

What do you mean by data field input on button?

I think what you’re trying to get it is for the user to signify for their profile to go public?

If so, a button such as “Go Live”, and then a workflow that makes changes to current user = goLive = yes

sorry yeah all that’s been done but when I preview the app I click the go live button and then when I head to the page it should be showing live nothing’s showing up still. ?? sorry if i’m getting annoying it’s one of the last things I need to do

Do you mind making your app read-only so I can take a look?

hang on ill get some screenshots for you

here’s some screenshots. it would be great if you could tell me where I have gone wrong, I have also created a go live in the database and set it to yes/no with no being my default.

I think Tal is right in that you might need to make your app read-only so someone can take a look at it. From the screenshots you have shared, it looks like you are on the right track (i.e., setting a user’s Go live field to yes and using that field as a constraint for the repeating group’s search), but anything could be stopping the system from returning the desired results, and it’s all about what we can’t see in the screenshots.

One quick note… the editor is showing that you have 3 issues to address… could one of those issues be causing a conflict?


It looks like you have nothing in your repeating group.

Try add some elements, such as “current cells users name” etc. and see if anything shows!

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nah those errors have nothing to do with it they are a chat section I’ve started setting up but Ive been busy with other tasks.

yea thank you I put search for uses cover photo into the repeating group and it has worked but its showed up with the properties of the photo // etc… instead of the actual picture…hmm i’ll keep trying a few different things because I must be close to cracking it lol if you have any more ideas Talbotnar that would be appreciated. your advice so far has been on the ball cheers

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