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Stuck with use of TAGGER plugin

sorry to disturb. I’ve tried all day to use the Tagger plugin, but I can’t get round the fields in the Mention box: “when user selects” and “Replace with”.
Unfortunatly, the various screenshots and examples haven’t helped, as it seems to refer to some data that are hidden, or with complicated objects such as “first item, join with”.
Could anyone help at all.
thanks a lot in advance

Edit: User table have setup with privacy rules to denied access to the unauthorized access.

Hey @thomjj

“when user selects” = what the user selects when they trigger the tags by typing “@” or whatever trigger character you set.

“replace with” = what text you want to show in the input when the user selects the tag. The user could select from user full names for example, but in the input you could replace it with a username.

“replace with” is optional. If you want the same text in the input, just use the same list join with ", " like in this screenshot

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