Style Icon with Date Comparison

I have a dynamic repeating list: icon, item, repeat. Each item has an expiration date.

I want to say, if the current item’s expiration date is older (smaller?) than today, style the icon as red.

The problem I’m running into when I try to set the conditional property, is I only get an “is” or “is not”. It won’t offer nor accept a greater than or lesser than.

So how in sam hill can I execute this comparison?


Is the expiration date field a date type? Could you share a link?

Ah, you brought up a good issue with the formatting. My source is a Google Sheet through Blockspring, so when I just printed the date out on the row to see what comes up I get Date(2017,9,15). Somehow I need to clean up the formatting for that. I assume it’s reading that as a text string.

Does the project have to be public in order to share it?

Just an update. After reading around I learned the public sheet query is getting it’s own formatting. I changed the query to SELECT * options no_formatting and it gets to the plugin as raw, which it then classifies as I dictate (dates for dates, etc.)

But somehow I can’t get it to even print out the date, so I’m working on that. Maybe I have to keep it all as text or number, though that seems silly.