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I currently have my business’ commerce running on shopify. We have built our in house production management system using bubble. So for now, shopify is on a shopify managed domain., and bubble is on a bubble domain,

Now I’m trying to expand use of bubble to combine with our shopify website so customers can see their production orders, schedule classes, etc. To start create some landing pages on that shopify site. So, some subdomain set up like

I set up the subdomain on shopify. but when I try to set up that subdomain in bubble to publish my classes page to, I get the error:

Any advice on how to troubleshoot? I have waited the 24hrs suggested but that didn’t fix anything? Not a coder and feel like I’m missing the big picture about how subdomains get set up and work. Appreciate any thoughts.

Hey there @anon74447199,

It looks like it’s showing that your domain name is being pointed to Shopify right now. Is your domain hosted through Shopify? If so, you need to go into your DNS records and add the appropriate records.

Hope this helps! :blush:

Yes, I created a subdomain on shopify that matches the name I set on bubble. Shows as set up in Shopify. I’m guessing I need to do something in the dns setup but I’ve not been successful. Wondering if others have done this before me.

This guide should teach you how to set it up properly: Shopify Help Center | Removing domains

@gaimed Should be able to help you setup a subdomain alias allowing you to redirect it to Bubble.

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Hah, :slight_smile:
That instruction link just served to scare the life out of me that I may be in way over my head!
I was able to create the subdomain on shopify ( But still get the error on bubble that domain A record is shopify’s IP address and CNAME is

When I try to add a new record with A record of name = classes and value = bubble ip address ( and I get an error message "Unable to add DNS record: Name must be unique for non MX records.
And I’m not even sure what value to add for CNAME. The instructions assume you know what to add.

Am I even thinking about this right? It is possible to create a subdomain on shopify, then control the content of that page via bubble, isn’t it?

Thought it might be helpful to add what this looks like on the Shopify side. Still appreciate any help.

Add custom record > Name = classes > Points to: the IPs

If you want to add multipe subdomains to the bubble app you will need [plugin] SaasAlias: Multiple domains and subdomains for bubble apps to get it to work.

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