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Subcribe paid plan using other email

is it possible I pay the subscription using other email? here’s the problem. I don’t have credit card, my manager has it. I already done making an app using my account. I want to deploy it as private app but there no way I can pay it. My manager willing to pay it for me. but using his email. any possible way to subscribe to paid plan in my current situation?

Yes, you can have him create an account and subscribe and we can move your app to his account. Note though that for the app to have collaboration edition (if you want to use you own account to modify the app), it has to be a Pro plan. Otherwise you can use his account to edit the app.

I think it’s better to move the app to his account permanently, so he will be new developer, can?

Okay. Just email us once he subscribed to a plan and we’ll transfer the app ([email protected])

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