What is the best way to hand over the app you have created

Hi Guys,

I have nearly finished on this project that I have been working on but I’m not sure how to hand over the project in the best way.

Please it would help if you guys tell me how you do it professionally.

Many thanks

You have to go down to the courthouse and legally register the app as ‘married’ to the next person.

Some bubblers like to have a whole celebration and party and stuff but you can just go to your local courthouse and do it.

In all seriousness, open your app and go to your bubble settings tab. Then click on “collaboration.” Put their email address in and tap on the transfer button.


ahh okay and does that work with the bubble monthly payment they will need to pay to have the site running?

I would assume so but I can’t give you a definitive answer as I’ve never needed to transfer an app over.

The monthly payments would most likely be forwarded to whichever billing profile exists on their account. I can’t see the payments staying // sticking with you.

If I remember correctly (I know there are topics out there about this), you have to downgrade to the free plan in order to be able to transfer the app, and the new owner will need to upgrade to a paid plan after the transfer is complete (which means they will be responsible for the monthly payment at that point, of course).

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Don’t forget to re subscribe to any paid plugins.

Also when you transfer the app you will be removed as a collaborator so I usually have a little handover sessions were we do this together.

  1. Transfer the app
  2. Add me back as a collaborator
  3. Client puts in credit card details
  4. Subscribe to plan
  5. I then re install any plugins while checking if client wants to pay once per or subscription for each item
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A bit more

The you need to do a thorough test to make sure all plugins are working. You also may have in the progress of re installing plugins installed new versions that could bring bugs.

It’s worth taking a screenshot in the subscription section before you transfer the app so you have a record of the paid plugins you need to re install.

Also I generally make sure I am paid before I transfer the app as once it is no longer under your account you no longer have any control of it and you can be taken off as a collaborator and if the client is a bad actor they can run off into the sunset without paying

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Ive created the application on a free plan will i have to upgrade to then add someone or transfer the app?

Transfer the app first. Any payment you make for a bubble subscription. Or plugins are lost when you transfer.
Also i always try and wait for the 1st of the month to upgrade or transfer as bubble will charge you the whole month no matter when you purchase ir

You cannot transfer the app without getting the paid plan.

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