Subdomain/DNS Struggles

Hi Bubble Team,

My desired outcome is my domain with godaddy points at, which serves a wordpress marketing site at That site has links pointing to a subdomain called which serves the bubble app.

I have updated godaddy to point to bluehost’s nameservers correctly and the wordpress site is fine.

I used bluehost’s dns zone editor to create two new A records as shown:

Are there other DNS records I need to create?

When I type into my browser or use a link pointing there, I get this:

When I look in my domain settings in the bubble app, everything seems to be okay:

I have SSL box checked in Bubble and used this previously as well when I had pointed directly at bubble. Could there be some sort of conflict there?

Any direction greatly appreciated!

Hey @edaviscr,

Make sure you only type in the subdomain without the domain for DNS records, such as ‘app’ or ‘mail’. :slight_smile:

Looks like your subdomain is loading up your Bubble application now, congrats!

Thank you! Yes, it must have been a delay somewhere in the DNS or SSL process.

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