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IP address for bubble

Hello Bubble

I want to connect my bubble site to my Wordpress site through an URL. I’m creating a subdomain and I my hosting company told me that I have to get an IP address. Can you help me?

Best regards
Jacob Boutrup

The IP for Bubble apps (in my dashboard) is

When you are setting up custom domains, Bubble should walk you through all of the steps necessary in the Settings panel in your editor. You will need to validate the domain with A, CNAME and TXT records (not just IP). If setting up SSL you will need to verify ownership via email (also visible in the settings panel in Bubble)

Do you mean a HREF link? You can not install WordPress at the same subdomain as your Bubble app.

Bubble confirmed the domain and everything should be setup correct, but when I try to view the site it just writes “not found”. How can this be? @emmanuel @philip

What happens when you ping your domain name? On Mac you can use terminal, PC Command Prompt:


it says “ping: cannot resolve Unknown host”

DNS has not yet propagated:

This could mean that you have not setup your DNS records correctly, or simply that not enough time has passed. Typically with GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator and other lower tier DNS service providers propagation takes considerably longer than, say, Cloudflare. Give it 24-48 hours, if you are still experiencing problems contact your host/DNS manager.

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Okay I see, I will give it some time. Thanks a lot for the help :wink:

Can you email support with the URL?

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