Subscription based marketplace - is this possible?

I’m new but can’t find the answer to this so far so apologies if this is obvious.

Is it possible to create a subscription based (not commission based) marketplace with One where members pay a monthly or annual fee to access certain features? Thereby creating a freemium and premium model where users can be segmented accordingly and don’t exchange money between each other? (An example of this being Trusted Housesitters)


stripe offers a simply way to implement subscriptions. there is a stripe plug in for bubble. You could then for example use if conditions (ie. does the user have an active subscription) to allow or prevent certain workflows or show / hide elements.

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Brilliant. Thank you for your speedy response. It’s much appreciated.

If you are not wanting to use stripe for accepting payments, you can just set things up in your database to take care of all the conditionals

on user data type put a data field of “subscription tier” with a text ( you could also add a data type of subscription tier and relate this data type to the “subscription tier” data field on user data type )

Then after a user has made a payment using any other method you choose ( again if stripe isn’t your preference ) you update the users “subscription tier” data field.

All of you conditionals would then be “if current users subscription tier = ‘gold’ , do this”…

So if you don’t want just two tiers ( freemium / premium ) and instead want more like ( silver / gold / platinum ) it would make more sense to me for your bubble database to store that type of information…so even if you decided to use stripe for accepting payments, when you go to a user signing up for “gold subscription” you are sending the pricing information to stripe or another payment gateway to collect payment and if a user signs up for “silver subscription” you again send pricing information to stripe or another payment gateway to collect payment for that subscriptions relative costs.

Thank you! This is a really useful information and given me food for thought. Thanks so much!

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