Sued for Poor Accessibility?

Lawsuits for violations of “ADA Title III” (Americans with Disabilities Act) are on the significant rise against businesses of all sizes and industries in the digital sphere, from Zillow to Beyonce (for her website) to car dealerships (being inaccessible to the legally blind) to local culinary shops. I am wondering how fellow Bubblers (and Bubble as a company) are or are planning on being more compliant and also hopefully avoiding suits. Have you ever been asked to be more compliant?

It’s a topic that’s been broached before, but I’m not sure we’ve hit a clear solution for it just yet…

If you feel ambiguity surrounding the requirements, it’s probably for good reason. At the moment, the most official stance on ADA compliance for websites/apps is “significant compliance” (with the WCAG standards.). Nevertheless, here’s a great sort of legal news article to get you caught up:


Bueller? @emmanuel


I’m getting started with and web accessibility is very important to me, not just for the legal implications.

Are there any updates for achieving WCAG compliance within Bubble?

If not, this seems very poor considering how the first post I found mentioning it was back in 2018!