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Suggestion on end user support

Hi Bubble,

I often realized that whenever i want to know about some feature of bubble which i never used before or any situation where im stuck, there are already a huge number of demo pages created by different blubbers. But to see and get to that page i have to post a question and then somebody have to answer by sharing the page link where the demo is already implemented.

Now if bubble can add a “tags” features with all the public pages out there having some kind of demo on it and then a page search based on these tags is designed, it will increase the productivity of bubble support to several 100’s and 1000’s of times (which is already very good by the way).

Users should be allowed to update the tags so that the accessibility and references can be diversified and page is searchable by many different tags people can think of. This will automate the process happening on bubble forum and users dont have to post the questions each and every time…many benefits…:slight_smile:

Please comment…

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