Suggestions for Handling Freelance Clients and their Hosting Needs

Hey y’all,

So I’m getting into the Freelance Development game (thank you @Bubble for making this possible). I feel comfortable with selling the development of apps, but my questions are about the hosting:

In the community’s experience, is it better to build the app and hand over the keys to the client, and leaving them to handle hosting with its costs and maintenance, or is it better to build the app and handle the hosting as well (and obviously charging for it)?

If you use the Agency plan, do you HAVE to hand over the app to the client, or still maintain control yourself (on behalf of your client)?

Looking for any/all input here. Thanks everyone!

Charge a premium and provide a managed service.

Independently of your choice you are going to take heat whenever Bubble goes down. You might as well get something out of it.

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@JonL So that the client pays you directly a sum every month?

You would need to monitor the sites of every client and upgrade them when necessary, might add up to a lot of work the more clients you have.

A plus side to this is that you might not need an agency plan.

@brad.a.farley Have you gotten any clients yet? :slight_smile:

I have gotten a client! And I have 2 proposals pending, so it’s a start.

My preference is definitely to do the managed service—if I do that, does that make the agency profile moot? Should I still sign up for any reason? Will I get in trouble if I’m on an agency plan but still remain the sole editor @Bubble?

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