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I am trying to use a repeating group to summarize my order items but I haven’t got any luck. Can I achieve this in a RG?
The idea is for a farm to view all orders for the day and then create a summary item so when they need to go and harvest each product, they can see the sum of carrots or onions or potatoes, etc. I have the order db created but I can’t find a solution to summarize harvest with a RG. Any suggestions how to achieve this?
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Any suggestions? Thx

You can’t do this directly, but there are workarounds. If there are no input fields within your RG the workaround is to simply apply the same search criteria that you are using in your RG data source within text fields as a formula. If you’re using an input field within your RG then it gets more complicated.

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Something like this?Screenshot - 2021-02-10 , 19_26_02

Yes martin.bedard How can I achieve this?

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Look at BDK’s repeating group plugin. It does that very efficiently.


Are you able to share the edit of you Demo. I can’t understand how to extract data from the repeating group. Are there any videos where it shows the process?
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@axel.schallies Is it OK?

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