Summarizing data in a repeating group

Hey guys - hoping to get some assistance with something that is probably pretty easy. I really need to create a summary of data from each unique line in a repeating group. My repeating group is based on a db table called QA Form. The QA Form thing has the the following fields: TPV Name, total actual points, total possible points. What I’d like to achieve in the summary is to display total points divided by possible points for each unique employee name in the repeating group. (I only want to display each TPV name once)

TPV name = User (ties to employee name text field)
Total Actual Points = Number
Total Possible Points = Number

I’ve set my repeating group like this:

And my text elements like this (for employee name):

But i cannot seem to get the constraint to work properly. When attempting to select the current cells text option is does not complete successfully


Anyone have a suggestion?


Some ideas:

  1. Have you tried flipping this around, so that your RG content type is User rather than text? Your data source can then be Search for QA Forms’s TPV name: unique elements. Your text field calculation should then work. I say ‘should’ because I don’t know exactly how you’ve set up your data.

  2. Alternatively, if you still want to go with your method of using text as content type, you could nest one repeating group inside another. It gets very messy though in my opinion. Both RGs will have a content type of text. The outer RG will have a data source like you already have but the inner one will use an advanced filter constraint, not a search constraint. The filter constraint would be This QA Form’s TPV name = current cell’s text.

Thank you for the ideas. I’ve implemented idea # 1 and was successful - thank you! A quick follow up question. My end game is to take the data from that repeating group and download it as a CSV file. When I attempt to set up the workflow, the Data Source option only allows me to select user (download list of users) as my option. If I go the reverse route and set up the RG content type as text - then I do not get the repeating group option. The data I really need is the summary of QA Forms data (total actual points / total possible points) by User (TPV name).

Any thoughts?

Thanks again!

You’re welcome - glad to be of help.

I’m afraid I haven’t done anything with CSV export from Bubble, so I don’t know the answer to this new problem. I would suggest a new forum question to see if others can help here.

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