Super Annoying in-Editor Db Search

I need to edit a user.

after apply search constraint.
the search keep loading loading loading

try numerous way.
No way to access my user db. Only the 1st 50 entry i can edit.
( when apply search constraint, the loading loop happen again, and DATA wont show )

This is no longer a baby platform.
What is the problem???
been using bubble 2 years, this problem keep trouble me, but today
this problem so Persist and it wont go away.

the notorious blue loading bar, after finish loading

nothing come out.

Guess how i solve it?

create a Page. with workflow, to do the edit. and delete the page.

Hi @zhihong0321 , not sure I have understood your question exactly. Usually I would have suggested to use the “Load 50 more items…” command (in DATA section > APP DATA tab)…


…However these days we are experiencing any sort of command vanishing so that you can’t find it there: e.g. in my editor I’m trying to set a width as “% of the page width”, but the marvellous new 7x faster editor seems to have lost this feature:


OT I know, but anyone reading this post have experienced the same and/or have any news about whether/when the "%/px dropdown command will be back?

This usually happens when your browser is magnified, for some reason. Try check if it’s at 100% zoom.

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Yep - the editor was actually slighltly scaled down (90%) so I didn’t even notice it!

Thanks for your help on this :+1: :wink:

1st. Thanks for reply.

2nd. You dont get my question.

I already input let said “Name” in the search Field. Only 1 Result should be display. ( eg the User email )
But what i got was the Search Loop with No result display.

Only Recently added user can be search. but old user seem cannot. it refuse to let me search old user. But in my “created page” , i able to search and edit.