SuperPWA (Network Tab)

I was wondering if you guys know what is the superpwa-sw.js

I don’t have any PWA plugin installed on Bubble.

Looks like is slowing down the app + some errors

I had a website with the same domain before that I had wordpress installed and had a PWA plugin but how come this file still there? (hosting has been disabled months ago and domain pointed to bubble)

Thank you!

@caioprezia Please check if you get the same with safe mode. An easy way to test is by adding parameters ‘bubble_safe_mode=true&bubble_no_third_party_plugin=true’ to the app url. Also check for browser extensions.

Thanks fr your reply @neerja

I did the test you recommend here and on your e-mail.
I’m still getting the same superpwa-sw.js loaded on the network tab

Thank you

I assume you’ve tried clearing your browser’s data and/or from an ingognito browser session? If so, the only thing I can think of is that your manifest.json file has been retained from your wordpress days and still includes a reference to this SuperPWA plugin. You should be able to check this by adding /manifest.json to your url in the browser window, I think.

I had never heard of SuperPWA by the way, so take the above with a pinch of salt.

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