Swipe detect for free?

Are there any FREE swipe detect plugin? Or any workaround to have a detect swipe to initiate a workflow?



Do you know how to use this with javascript to bubble event?

I’m sorry I don’t personally. JavaScript is not my thing. I thought this would bring you in the right direction.

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Hi. Thank you! Sorry but don’t know how to use it. I have no coding background

For what I know there’s no free. But Honestly, 25$ one time worth it.

You could use @ZeroqodeSupport swipe plugin

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I think you cant use it inside of rg, it wasnt working for me when I tried. You have no option to set current cells thing. It will only sit in the first cell and current cell will be all cells. Outside of rg it wasnt registering specific ids consistently. When I used the script Lamjar posted it worked perfectly. I put the code inside of expression element from toolbox. I’m going to try experiment some more to set the value with javascript to bubble element.