Swipe zone plugin


I am using a free plugin “swipezone” to enable swipe motion on a repeating group. But I am unable to understand how to use the plugin. The plugin asks for element id but somehow it is not working even after entering correct element id. Can someone help me with this?

Hey @adityalakhe5,

I can definitely help you identify what an element ID is. You have to first enable it in your app setting by heading over to your “Settings” tab, then the “General” tab. From there, you have to locate the following setting attached in the screenshot below.

This will expose the element IDs, so when you click on an element and scroll to the bottom you will see an input to define your ID attribute, which is basically a element’s ID, as shown in the screenshot below.

Hope this helped!

Hey @johnny Thanks for your reply, but I don’t have any issue with element id, I used element id in the plugin mentioned. But it is still not working.

Are you sure there are no errors in your element id? For example, adding spaces can cause errors

The paid one works better.

I don’t believe the free version works for RGs.

Hello @adityalakhe5,
I am interested in it did you succeed to use it ?

When you use it prevents the element from scrolling normally