Switch existing AWS domain to my Bubble site


We are creating a startup and we currently have a domain registered on AWS that is already in use, if you type in our domain, it will take you to our unfinished hardcoded version of our website. Since then, we’ve changed paths and decided to use Bubble to create the MVP version of our website since it was easier and cheaper. Our bubble site is complete, however, we want the domain that we’ve purchased to direct us to the Bubble site rather than our old incomplete site.
I tried following Bubble’s instructions on how to set up the domain by accessing the DNS settings on AWS and adding the four new Type A records that Bubble provides then I got this error message :
InvalidChangeBatch 400: The request contains an invalid set of changes for a resource record set “domain.name, www.domain.name
Note that all the previous record names that link to the servers hosting our old site are still there. I was going to see if it would work if I deleted these records then added the Bubble ones, however, since our developer is still working on the old site in the meantime, I didn’t want to break anything.
In short, if anyone has successfully linked their AWS domain name to Bubble, please let me know how you did so!


Hey Kalvin! You should expect to delete your old records and update the new ones. If you want to maintain your current domain, it might help to place your Bubble app on a sub domain – or vise versa.

Hey! Thanks for the response. You’ve got me interested in creating a subdomain now. I followed your guide on how to create a subdomain however I get a similar error message on AWS. What I did is entered my desired subdomain on Bubble, and tried adding the subdomain records to the existing hosted zone on AWS - that didn’t work. I’ve also tried following an AWS guide where they created a new hosted zone for the subdomain on AWS and entered the name servers from the subdomain into the domain records, then entered the Type A records provided by Bubble, but I get the same error message. I’ve tried several iterations of that however I get the same error message each time. Is there a guide on how I could create the subdomain because I can’t find any helpful articles or posts on this topic.

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