Switching from legacy to new plan

Are there any nuances to be aware of when switching from a legacy to a new plan?

I can’t find any relevant similar topics on the forum.

Currently, we pay $142 per month and have around 2 million WUs monthly.

Hi there, @vovahumnytskiy… I’m not sure what you mean by nuances, but you could try playing around with the subscription planner to get an idea of what you might pay on a new plan.

You will pick a new plan based on the features you need (click the See full comparison link) and not on your WU requirements because the plans themselves don’t necessarily include a lot of workload units, depending on how one defines a lot, of course (Starter = 175k, Growth = 250k, Team = 500k).

So, select the plan you need on the planner and enter 2mil WUs, and it will spit out a cost per month. Spoiler alert: the costs of the different plans and the workload tiers you would need for 2mil WUs are $268.50 (Starter), $348 (Growth), and $543 (Team).

Hope this helps.


For every additional 1,000 WUs, you will be charged $0.30. If you switch to the new pricing plan, you will be charged for that WU (2 :lemon:), and starting from the next month, you will have to pay approximately $500-700.

Maybe I don’t understand your reply, Eugene, but I don’t believe that’s correct because a workload tier would be purchased in order to get a bulk number of units at a certain price, and overages would also cost less than $0.30 per 1,000 WUs.

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Hope i wrong. I have the same case with some apps i maintain.

I am concerned that something might break after we switch from the legacy to a new plan. I am also worried that the WU consumption might spike up, and we won’t be able to revert back.

I think we shouldn’t upgrade after reading this It finally happened, I missed something and used 7 million workload units in 24 hrs!

For what it’s worth, I have been on a new plan for a while now, and nothing has broken, whatever that might mean.

WU consumption doesn’t magically spike up on its own (it seems like you have a good idea of what your monthly consumption is, and that definitely puts you ahead of the game), and you have the ability to disable overages if you are worried about user-related usage spikes increasing your monthly cost.

You won’t be able to revert back, but you are going to have to upgrade at some point, and again, for what’s it’s worth, I have been on a new plan for a while, and I haven’t had any trouble. Also, if you do have some sort of trouble, Bubble support should work with you to resolve it.

For a number of reasons, I wouldn’t let that thread deter you from upgrading. There are ways to avoid what happened in that thread, and what you aren’t reading (because they don’t exist) is tens/hundreds/thousands of threads from Bubblers who have upgraded and haven’t had any trouble. And make no mistake, that is certainly not a dig at the poster of that thread (I was active in that thread and very sensitive to what the poster experienced)… it’s simply reality.

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