Syncing two custom states

Hi there, testing I build an app to collect answers to the famous 36 questions.

I’d like to sync the to pages „write yourself“ + „read“, so they always show the same question.

Here is my prototype:

Each page has a custom state (question-index and answer-index) – when changing the mode via the header-navigation.

I am sure this is rather simple. Anyways I’d appreciate Your help.

Best regards

PS: Btw., any feedback very welcome!

Based on what I see, there’s no reason why you couldn’t roll these both into a single page. (Ie. use a tabbed group to set the state of the page). That’d make it significantly easier for you to reference a common state value.

Otherwise, if you want to keep two separate pages, you can pass the current question as a URL parameter. (ie. current_question=unique id of the state of the current question). Then, on page load on the respective page, you have a “when page is loaded” that sets the custom state of the current question based on the URL parameters value.


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