System to earn comission per sell

Is there a way to make a system to earn commission for the website owner for every purchase made on it?

Yes, doable.

Do you have a video explaining how to do this?

I’m not sure I follow the user journey properly…

Does it look like this?

  1. I have a Bubble app and I write blogs or do whatever I do and I advertise other people’s products on my site

  2. When those users click on those products, they get redirected off Bubble to buy the product on the product owners site

  3. I’d like to track those successful purchases so the product owner can send me a commission check?

It’s definitely doable, and would involve installing tracking scripts on the product owners website to track both traffic to the site and shopping cart conversions. There’s a load of steps and moving pieces to do this sort of thing and it’s not a 10 minute video, do in one afternoon type thing. It’s a sizeable project.

I’d think you need pretty advanced Bubble skills and a solid understanding of javascript. If this doesn’t sound like you then you might want to look at bringing in some external help, but expect that it’s going to require a decent budget.

So unless you’re in the business of owning a commissions platform that you’re going to sell to others to use, then there are loads of commission platforms that you can utilise.

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