TabElement Button Color

Hi Bubblers,
I have been playing around with the Tabelement for about a day now but I’ve got a question I’ve not been able to figure out the answer.

I noticed that when I hover on a tab that is not selected it changes color. But when I hover on a selected tab the tab does not change color. Why is this so?


This is the concept of conditional formatting. For any given element, you can have it “respond” to different environmental factors (ie. when the selected tab is 2, the element “Tab 2” changes color to black).

As you build out a series of conditions, they may “overlap” with each other. (Ie. when the tab is hovered, change color to dark blue)…but if that tab has already been selected, then a conditional statement is taking precedent.

If you want to experiment, you can change the ordering of the conditional statements for any given element. Or, you can define rules that handle overlapping scenarios.

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