Tag multiple thing records in message and make tag clickable url


I am trying to create a #record in a message feature.

My app combines goals and tasks for teams to collaborate on.

I have introduced a messaging feature and I am trying to create the functionality that allows users to look up a task or goal and add it to a message. When the recipient receives the message they can click on the tag and navigate to the record.

I have set a workflow so when input containsT: or G: a group focus is displayed with a list of tasks or goals. User can select the task or goal and the title of that record is inserted into the text.

After selecting the task New personal task, the input updates to this

I am storing the text as a state and using a text element to create the url in the message

The issue i have is if i try to add a second record to the input, and also how the text is displaying in the message:

I have read about the plugin called tagger in the forum, but was hoping to build this without a plugin.

I feel like i need to build on the state with the addition of each new record but can’t quite see how…

Over to you guys, if anyone could help it would be much appreciated!


are you using a text element to display the link?
If yes you can’t input html. To use links use the rich text editor and insert a random link, you will then se the bbcode needed to add links. (it should be something like [url=your url]your text[\url]