Upload pictures from mobile camera to map


I want to build an app that can be used on a mobile phone, it should let the user use his camera to take a picture, and this picture should be uploaded to a database (when connected to WIFI). This picture should contain GPS data. The picture should not be sent to the users Google photo account or to the Gallery on the mobile phone of the user.
Then I want to create a website with a map that shows the uploaded pictures as small icons or place-markers.

My questions are:

  • Can I use Bubble to make this?
  • What plugins should I use?
  • Is there already an app made in Bubble that use this functionality, so I can take a look?


Bubble create web app, to work you have to be online. If you need a offline app, you have create a native app (Android, IOS). You can create easy this functionalities on Bubble, but for online application.

Hi @marcel.bulk, welcome to Bubble :slight_smile:

  • You should have a data Type “Picture” with fields “Picture” (of type Image) and a field “Location” (of type geographic address)
  • In data type User, you should have a field “Pictures” (which is a list of “Picture”)

When a User uploads a picture, just run a workflow and Create a Picture, with Location=Current geographic position

Then, you can do a Search for Pictures for the data source on your map, and pick “Location” in the Address field dropdown. That should do the trick

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Thanks, will give it a try!

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