Taking a selected value from a drop-downs associated ID from a repeating group and putting it in a list to send an API

Hello bubblers,
I have a form where a user can select a product from an rg and submit an order to an API. The API expects a list of product variants, not the product’s name. To add on, it requires the product variant’s ID, not the “title” which is shown on the UI ($10, $25, etc.).

What I need to do is allow the user to select a product and use the drop-downs value (not the title but the associated ID) and create a list of these to send them to the API. I know custom states are involved here, maybe 2-3, but I am having trouble with the drop down inside an rg being hard to manipulate and using its “associated variant’s ID” instead of its “value”.

Any wisdom much appreciated!

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