Targeting emails and popups to users?

I wonder if it is possible to send targeted mails or popus to users.

Can i do Workflows at a specific time for that?

here some thoughts:

  • Send Email to Users to login again (Rule could be: send Mail to Users that haven´t login since 5 days)
  • Show a Popup to a user because he need to upload a profil image

Just some Ideas to clarify my question.

Thank you

Yes. Each doable, each easy to implement. Search forum for details. I’m sure they’re already covered numerous times.

Hey there. Thanks for your reply. Can you give me a little hint on that.
I am new to bubble and its kind of overwhelming what you can do.

I searched some Topics but could not find a good answer.


I know how to trigger API workflow but can´t get this running.

Maybe we can check this example:

  1. When a user does log in it writes in the user database the current login time and date

  2. Now i want to send this user (all users) that haven´t logged in the last 8 days an Email.

  3. Succesfully set up

  4. Can´t get the Trigger right! (Hopefully somebody can help)

You’d need to set-up a daily API call (I forget the Bubble term for this) that triggers a workflow in the API. Then, in that workflow set it to run a different API call on a list. Have the list be a list of user’s who haven’t logged in within the last 8 days. And, then have the API email those people your message.

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