TeamyTime - because not having it annoyed me

Bubble work seems to involve a LOT of time-zones. So after the 1000th “So, what time is it there?” conversation I thought I would build a really simple timezone worker-outer app. And here it is, it might help you too.

Thanks again to the super talented @fayewatson :slight_smile:


Very cool and super easy to use.

One issue and one thought

The issue is that the “is it day or night” is not working right. I put people in New York, Paris and South Korea and their day/night icon always match, so it shows daytime in South Korea at 1AM and nighttime in New York at 7AM.

The thought is that the time zone selector should auto pick the time zone for countries with only one.



You are right, it is not working ! will fix.

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Love this @NigelG. You and @fayewatson make a killer team. Such a good idea.


Looks great, Nigel! congrats! We’ll definitely feature it in next week
Keep it up!




I’ve always used but this is a neat concept with teams.


Thank you so much for the feedback @mguerrasio, @gregjohnkeegan, @levon, @davidyjackson, and @Kfawcett! Really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

And always a pleasure working with @NigelG! :slight_smile:

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Awesome idea and brilliant solution! Would be great to be able to switch in between 12/24 hours time format.


Day/Night now works properly. Is surprisingly difficult to do in Bubble, so ended up hard coding the hours.

Timezone will now select if there is only one.

Fixed the bug where not entering a team would display the first one in the database.

Will look at 12/24 hour date formats.

Thanks for the feedback, this was just a fun little project that solved an issue I had, but glad other people like it.


This is so awesome, @NigelG and @fayewatson! I work with so many people all over the world and have looked at a bunch of zone conversion tools - this is honestly the best one that fits my needs because I can save the zones, label them by client, etc. Seriously, this is going to be open during my work day from now on. Thank you!

I have 2 notes…

Bug: Trying to edit a Team Member’s name after I’ve added it and it won’t save changes.

Feedback: It would be really handy if I could type in a time for any team member and have the rest react to that. I do this a lot when someone says to me “I have 10 am free”, so I want to type in 10 am for them to see what time that is for me. Like this: I know you’ve got the slider in there that could achieve this by sliding around until that member’s time says 10 am, but just a thought!

Edit - one more… could be nice to sort team members by their zone from earliest to latest in the day.

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That’s awesome to hear, Gaby!! :slight_smile: 100% credit goes to Nigel! (Aside from that bug, which was definitely my error, thank you for catching that!)

I think that’s a great idea about having the option to enter a time and have the sorting option! Do you think it would be easier to change the time within an RG’s cell (for a team member) and then have the rest of the cells update (so only entering the time)? Or have a time input and timezone dropdown outside the RG to update all rows (enter the time and timezone)?

Bug fixed (thanks !)
Members now sorted by name
12/24hr clock toggle added

I like the idea of a “search” at user level that sets the time. Will have a think :slight_smile:

Hi @NigelG. If I wanted to build something that works with team member’s in various time zones like this app (although different functionality) is there any way to find out how to do it?

Yes, I am happy to share the details of the timezone functions with you.

It uses the “TimeZoneDB” plugin to do the searches and get the offset, then bubble’s timezone functions to display.

You can go direct to TimezoneDB via the API Connector but I trust Gaby more than I trust myself :slight_smile: