[TEMPLATE] Semantic Mobile Kit

The perfect Mobile Kit for your next mobile Project. Ready for the latest web trends and powered by Bubble with a familiar and easy to use code. Semantic is designed to look stunning on your Mobile Device, making it friendly for both iOS and Android devices amd across tablets.

Some of the highlighted items are the onboarding flow and stunning animations.

please note: This template does not contain custom styles, workflows to create data or anything related to back-end services. I’ve only made design elements, making it extremely easy to copy across other apps.

All of the elements are carefully structured inside the elements tree.

Template link: https://bubble.io/template/semantic-mobile-starter-kit-1605005991290x938917258437853200

Demo link: https://starter-mobile.bubbleapps.io/version-test


Can’t wait testing it! :+1:t2:

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There’s a demo link at the bottom. I’ll be adding more features soon :smiley:


That is some quality looking stuff.


Does this mean the kit has a manifest.json and a service worker?
One signal notifications?


It does not, this is purely a starter kit. I’ll be updating the description to be clear about this.

@ZubairLK thanks man! The app is built on a 767px width screen, making it work properly on all devices while still having enough design space to work with.

I also followed DRY methods by not repeating the animation workflows inside regular workflows, rather it uses custom triggers to execute page navigation.

I’ve done my best to make this app look like a PWA and a fast way to build a mobile app. It comes with a commercial license.

I’ll also be adding multiple style selections. Making it easy to change the app colors.

If you have any other feedback, do let me know!

New update:

Still not released but I’ve added an option to change the Menu’s styling to dark or light mod. You can use the same principle on other parts of the mobile template.

Screenshot - 2020-11-11T194824.731

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Template is released as of today!

Hey @nocodeventure ,

Question slightly related to template and dry principles.

How do we make seamless back transitions?

i.e. I’ve open the main screen. I navigate to a sub-section. I navigate even deeper. Press the back button. Navigate elsewhere. press back button.

Switch to profile section. Press back button
Getting slightly confused on how to save a queue of navigation and transition back using the custom events.

Assistance will be appreciated with virtual :cake:


Copy the same trigger and animate the section from left to right. You can add parameters as well but that’s a more complex process.

Debug mode is your best friend here to follow all steps.

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