Temporarily store text


How can a user temporarily store text?

I have a RG with a datatype. Each thing has a dropdown form shown in the cell. The things shown in the RG depends on the user. When the user selects a value in the dropdown, the selection needs to be stored (or shown somewhere outside of the rg) to be used directly in a inputfield with find&replace.

The problem is, custom state isnt an option because it cant be connected to each individual thing in the RG.
Also it cant be stored in a data types’ field because the things will be used simultaneously by other users. So a ‘do a search’ isnt possible either.

Any ideas?


PS. The idea behind it is a text builder where a user can input dynamic values from a dropdown within a RG into a piece of text.


you can have a popup called “hidden variables” or smthng that just lives on the page but is never seen and then you can have a group there that is of data type wahtever and stores the value in the dropdown. to call that value you just need to reference the group’s value

Thanks for your input. Unfortunately I need the user’s selection of the dropdown, not the value of the dropdown options. Besides, I dont need to refer to a data type as the selection will not be saved in a field of a data type.

Do you have another idea maybe :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

So the issue here is that nothing inside of a Repeating Group cell can be referenced by anything outside the cell. There are numerous workarounds, mostly involving plugins of various types.

My personal approach would be to put Floppy Expression Watcher in each cell and watch the value of “its” respective drop-down. This will trigger an event that CAN trigger a workflow that CAN write a value to some custom state.

But there are many other solutions, including ones that are non-commercial.


Hi Keith,

Thank you for your idea. It sounds like it could be a solution to my problem. Except the part where it needs to have a custom state.

The problem here is that the amount of dropdowns in the repeating groups are not fixed. The user creates the dropdowns and it will be shown in the repeating group. It could be 1 but it also could be 10.

For learning purposes and for others to see, do you know any other (non commercial) plugins? I’ve searched for hours for something similar without any success. If you have some plugins to look into in your head, it would be awesome if you could share.

Thank you very much for taking time and sharing your ideas!

Hi Keith,

Do you maybe have some other ideas to tackle this problem?


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