Temporary error - is this me or bubble?


Is my logic or bubble? I have not seen it before.

Check for calls for CUSTOM WORKFLOWS with no names or with wrong data calls in your workflow. Also, if your cookies are disabled on your browser this tends to happen depending on what you’re calling. Otherwise, it may be a server-side error - it does happen to me but rarely.

I have not external calls. just data input fields. Does that mean it it is a server side error.

Tbh i found your response difficult to understand.


If you have a “trigger a custom event” in your workflow somewhere (not external) or if you have a “trigger a custom event” that is supposed to have a variable and you don’t send one you will get this error. Are you calling any custom events in your workflow?

The other possibility that I’ve encountered is that your browser disables cookies and your workflow calls on something that requires them i.e.: user data. Without sharing your editor, it makes it more difficult for us to answer :slight_smile:

ok, Next task is to figure out how to share my editor :smile:

I have no custom events and I am checking my cookies now - the only thing is that I can call other types of data and have done for days.

In your app privacy settings you can temporarily set your editor to “everyone can view” or better yet “everyone can edit” and pm me a link and I’ll take a looksee :slight_smile:


this ticket has been resolved.

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