Test Version not detecting new versions


I’ve noticed that when i make changes to my app the test version isn’t requiring an update and doesnt update the data in the repeating groups. Anyone else having these problems or news about it?


Is it just the updating data that’s affected? If you were to add an element, does it require an update?

Adding/changing/deleting data from the database doesn’t trigger an update, that’s probably why! If you’re not seeing the data itself - make sure you’re adding it to the right database. You have two databases: the one at /version-test/, and the one that lives on the internet at /version-live/ or your custom domain.

Both data and elements.

If I add a new element, it doesnt require an update, and if i update the data it updates in the repeating group from the active tab, but at another tab it only updates if I refresh the page.

Having the same issues

Same problem!

Same here, the repeating group did not update in realtime

@sam.morgan :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same here in live environment. Once data is updated, the update is not shown on the website except website is refreshed.

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Another to add to the list of seeing the above issue! Data not being rendered without a refresh

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If folks haven’t submitted bug reports, you definitely should, and it can’t hurt to tag @bubble here, too.

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