Elements not updated with new DBthing

When creating a new thing to the DB the RepeatingGroup does not get refreshed to show that new thing. If I refresh the page the new thing is shown.

I noticed this with a plugin and thought it was the plugin (Calendar) but now this is also happening with a native RepeatingGroup.

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It’s a known bug at this point. There’s an active post on this exact problem. Do file a bug report.

It can’t be that I am the only one having this bug? It is a core functionality that any element shows the latest data from DB without refresh. It is an incident 1 level in my opinion as the data can’t be trusted.


Just curious, are you creating a record from the client or backend?

yes - from backend; which is also what I wrote in my latest bugreport (submitted today).

The mega-thread is here, it’s gone on far too long (4 months) and Bubble needs to get their act together and fix stuff like this. It’s like the editor issues that are never 100% reliably reproducible so never get fixed, except this affects live apps.

Repeating group not updating in real time. Bug?

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