Repeating group showing on version test but not on live

Hi guys,

My app is showing a repeating group on the right correctly (the RG is set to be visible on page load), but not showing at all on the live version. Any idea what might be the problem?

This is rather urgent so any help is much appreciated. Thank you!

Data does not get copied automatically from development to live. So the RG may be there, but probably without data to show. How can you confirm? Go to the data tab in the live version, and check. All you need to do is copy the data to the live version.


Thank you so much for your reply! This is indeed the problem! But does it mean every time I deploy a version to live, I need to copy all data to the live version? I have plenty of data saved, would it be possible to do a bulk import of data?

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Instead of adding data to the development version, you can add it directly to live. The data in the test version is for testing, and in live for live - they are two different buckets.

Yeah you can do bulk upload using CSV or by using workflows.

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