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Repeating group doesn't update without page refresh

I haven’t had this issue before and it worked fine a few days ago but now I have a repeating group that is supposed to update when a user clicks on an element but the updated data doesn’t show up without a refresh.
If I refresh the page manually then the repeating group shows the data right away.

Anyone has this issue?

Have you used the debugger to see if the list is up to date in the repeating group?

Nope. I am not having the issue… probably something at your end only. Hope it gets resolved!

Here is what I figured out:
Repeating group updates immediately if the change is made by the same user (for example: I delete an element from a repeating group)
In my application I have two kind of users and one user will see a change in a repeatinggroup when another user makes an action that changes the data in the other user’s repeating group. (for example: another user deletes an element from a repeating group, the change on the other users repeating group only seen after refresh of the page.)

What’s interesting that it worked fine a few days ago and I didn’t change anything about the repeating group.

Did this ever get resolved? I am currently having a problem where I see updates to a repeating container but a person I am talking with does not?

I think it was a temporary bug and I haven’t encountered this issue since then.

Have you tried using the debugger to make sure you are making changes to the correct database?

I will do that now actually. Why would it affect one user and not the other I am wondering?