Text Content not visible in editor

Anybody else experiencing a problem where in the editor the text elements content is not visible.

I have seen this multiple times in a new app I am creating; never saw it before this, but since starting the new app ( about 1 week ago ) I have seen it a dozen times or more.

It is strange, sometimes the content is visible in the beginning and later is not able to be seen. Upon copying and pasting the element sometimes the content is visible again, other times it is still not.

When viewing the page in debug mode the text content is visible, so this just makes it a really annoying issue for development as it becomes harder to place elements in relation to the text as well as causing unnecessary delays due to deleting and recreating text elements or just searching for the element after the content has become invisible in the editor.


I have the same problem. The text content can not show in the edit mode, but it can show in the preview mode

yeah it is strange…often I have to delete the text and add it again

Just wanted to add that for me this was a font related problem associated with the height of the container. Increasing the container size fixed the problem.


Yes, this is happening when font container is to short for a specific font size or when text line spacing option set wrongly, then text just pushed above or a below inside of the font container.


Not every time. I have a regular experience of changing the width of a text element that is prior to the width change displaying the text, then after a width change, the text is not visible. Then to copy the text within the text element editor dialogue and then pasting it back the text becomes visible again. It is a strange quirk.

I think recent improvements made to the editor has stopped this from occurring thankfully. If I see it again I’ll drop a video in if I remember this thread.

I had a same issue quite often, when height of the text box is changed, then text just disappears from the box. To fix that I have to change the value in line spacing or modify the text size.
Yeah, it looks like it’s been improved since I don’t remember when I sow it the last time.

So here is an example on the backend of a height change. I changed the height of this text element from 24px to 40px…obviously a larger height should accommodate a text visual that was visible at the smaller height value of 24px…but nope. In order to solve this I had to copy the text in the element dialogue and then paste it back…you can see how it reappears


This helped me. Adjusting the height of the text box makes the text visible.