Text Labels Not Visible in Editor

New Bubble user here, building my first app.

In the editor, I often have text labels within a group which I cannot see. It seems to occur when I have copied and pasted the labels from another group.

I can select them, edit them, turn their eyeball on or off the element tree, and they show up fine when I preview my app or even hover over the group’s eyeball in the element tree.

But I cannot seem to make them appear, no matter how many times I “Bring them to the front”

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Do you have cut off content selected?

Have you checked the height of text element?

When the height of text element is smaller than required for its font size, the text don’t appear on editor

Here is what it looks like in my editor, you can see the text labels selected, but not visible.

Its not a super big deal, if I create new labels and skip the copied ones it all shows up fine. It just takes me longer.

As to the text height being too tall, it does not seem to be the issue. I copied it over from another group where they show up fine. And the text’s height is not clipped when I run the page in the previewer.

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