Text element cuts off RichText


Here is what happens

  • I save a rich text in a text type in the database.
    -When I display it in the rich text editor, it looks fine.
    -But when I pull the data to a text element. (have not clicked cut of content), it only shows the first 16 rows.

Thank you for your help

Check for the text height setting in the text’s box editor

Even if I set the text elemenys height to 5000, it still cuts of the row at a specific place

shows some screen shots of how you have your text element configured…might help others to give possible solutions

Great idea.

Here is a screenshot. It cuts off the rtf text from the database at row 16

Create a sandbox page, place only a text element, try different text heights (just to see … it is not really necessary), try again and see if it happens again.

Please note that I am displaying 30 paragraphs, 2753 words of ipsum lorem text with no problem and no worries about text height:

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