Truncating rich text causes html tags to appear

Hi, when I truncate rich text it causes html tags to appear. But if I don’t truncate, they don’t appear.

See below: bottom paragraph has been truncated.

This is a well known issue with bubble’s rich text editor. It also loads an embarrassingly large file onto your bubble app.

If you require your user to enter the text and display it elsewhere, then you’re better off using the rich text editor as the text input, and using normal text (make sure BB code is recognizable) as the display element.

If you are just using RTE to generate your own text, you’re better off just inserting BB code in your text element boxes.

perhaps one day I’ll make a community plugin with a better RTE… when i have capacity :smiley:

Not sure if you got this figured out yet but figured I’d share how we’re handling it.

We have 2 text fields - one plain text and one rich text. When it’s truncated we show the plain text field. Users can click to expand the field/text box which will show the rich text not truncated.



A secondary plain text field is a good solution.

Alternatively you can put a max width/height and the browser will clip it for you