Text element - option for opening links in the same window/tab

It would be nice when adding links into a text element to be able to specify in the element properties to open the link within the same window e.g. link could then be used for parameters




@luke2 what I do is use the link element and style it to look the way I want the text to

Are you adding a link into a text element on just one word out of a sentence? If so, I am curious how to do that without using the rich text editor.

But for me, using the link element to function like a text element has helped.

Hey @boston85719

Sure, thats a handy tip with regards to changing the styling of links to mask within text.

With regards to the idea, if for instance a text element contains text but also contains 1, 2, 3+ links within the content it would be handy for these links to open within the same window.

For example, there might be some text within a repeating group cell that is a single text element, but contains a few links relevant to that cell, therefore uses a dynamic expression, basic example below:

So here I am selecting the dynamic expression generated and adding a link to it, currently blank with ‘#’ as the source - you could also add things like underline styling or change color to make the link more evident

Then I have replaced the initial ‘#’ with a dynamic expression which adds a parameter ‘popup’ and uses the cells ‘alias’ for this. I could then have a popup appear when this parameter is valid with data for instance.

Result URL from the above would be https://luke2.bubbleapps.io/version-test/kendo?popup=car-1

Here is a quick look at the Editor for context:

My thinking is that it would be specifically useful when using parameters e.g. open popups with data, show/hide elements, render new data…


I see. So the idea would basically give the user the ability to use the browser back button to close the popup for example without the page actually reloading, as it is essentially the same page.

note that when a text is clicked you can also use the workflow action : Navigation-> go to page but select the same page, but then send parameters such as user= … | item = |to control groups showing on one page. (show group only when Get data from page url user is not empty.
Slows down with too many groups but doable with a few groups.


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@luke2, how often I’ve wished for the ability to trigger a popup (or focus group) from a link(s) within a text. Never thought about doing it this way but that is smart so… I second this request! Even better if the link could be made the anchor element for a focus group.

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