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Can we list here some of the practices for our application users to have a grammar checker within input or multiline input?

Additionally, if we can implement a grammar checker into the third-party plugins for Rich Text.

Thanks with br :slight_smile:

Certainly, the easiest way is to use grammar checking api’s.

There’s a way to do it without needing code, run the input text through a grammar api and retrieve errors, suggestions, etc. Show the user the errors/suggestions or even auto correct the text post input and save it on DB.

Know that bubble allows you to do this automatically or by running a workflow to ammend the information via a grammar api.

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Not sure if my blindness, but if you could confirm how the API is no longer active?


how badly do you need this implemented? :slight_smile:

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I have Rich text, currently using RTE from @ZeroqodeTeam, I think I will transition soon to the @Thimo’s one, mainly due to the language output for later ChatGPT and AI integrations. In the best case possible, we have here within the Rich Text plugins the grammar checker, or is this more complex than for the multiline elements by Bubble?

I would like to have a basic grammar checker, at least to have the red line under the grammar-incorrect world. An advance wish would be the options to correct the words.

This could be a priority to have time for further research and solutions to greater grammar checkers with more automated featues.

In both cases, the API is fine. Later, we might integrate the AI so that it can write from a prompt, where we solve the grammar issue, hence the two-fold strategy.

You’re right, I apologize for providing a deprecated api…
I have one that’s not deprecated from open ai (chatgpt) it corrects texts.

Just make sure to use bubble’s api connector plugin for the best api experience. However if you’re short on time to integrate a native api or want to just use plugins, check this out: Grammar Bot Spelling Checker Plugin | Bubble it’s a plugin I found browsing on the editor page.

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Ok, thanks @sirouaglobal! This shall be of use, although the grammar feature will need to wait a bit better days in our organizational stability. If there are any other options for grammar checker in bubble, we can share here for others to see as well.

Thanks all :slight_smile:

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