Text input field became non responsive

I have been trying to build an app as Airbnb just to get use with bubble etc. by using a course from zerocode. I have reached an issues when after some time the input text fields from the “new rooms” page have stopped working. I just finished implementing a functionality to the “become a host” button, but when I went to test it out, I cannot input any text (cannot click) on name of the room, nor on price of the room. This previously worked and I have not modified anything related to it, so I don’t understand why it stopped working.
Can anyone help out to solve this?
Thank you!

Have you checked the conditionals on the input? Maybe something is causing it to disable.

I checked, there’s nothing there to cause this.

Make sure nothing is on top of the element. Try bringing it to front and then testing if it works.

Already did, it was one of the first things I checked.

It’d be a lot easier to help you if you put the editor/preview link so we can take a look!

Also, I would check the workflows of that input by clicking the info button at the top to see what else it connects to just in case.

Editor please - You can make it read only but we can’t see what’s under the hood right now.

Sorry, see if it works now.

This is not the editor.